Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ewww! Don't Use My Camera!!!!

When I walked into the computer room yesterday morning, Sammy Snake greeted me! Let's just say I was a little surprised and screamed like a girl and jumped a couple of feet. After I came back to the ground and saw that snakey wasn't moving, what did I do but go get a camera, because of course I thought you would all be interested, ha ha. This is when Dancer Girl said, "Ewww! Don't use my camera to take a picture of the snake!" (her camera was the closest, so I used it anyway)

Well, long story short, here is snakey outside. All I have to say is thank God my husband hadn't left for work yet!

The battery ran low on the camera or there would be one or two more pics of snakey after kitty got him and turned him into a cat toy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Days

my spring flowers someone picked for me :)

baby in the grass

celebrating grandma's birthday at grandma's house

dancer girl's egg

the easter eggs

with the eggs

at grandpa's and grandma's house

Sunday, April 13, 2008

happy birthday motherkitty

potholder i made for mom, and a dove bar i did not make for her :)

Dancer Girl crocheted this lovely red jewelry set for her grandma. As you can see there is a ring, bracelet, and necklace in this matching set

motherkitty also got a new set of kitchen towels with kitties, and a red rose that you cannot see