Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Fat Kitty is Soooo Happy

Thanks Dad for updating the pics on the Crafts Page you made for me. It looks great!!!

In the last week or so, I have completed a couple of projects for friends. One was a pastel crocheted baby blanket for a friend's little girl. It is at the top of page 5. I also made a quick little quilt for my friend's new baby boy. My girls are modelling it also on page 5. If you look closely at the blue side you will see a road I quilted on and a primitive car (though it is upside down in the pic)

Page 4 shows pics of Talon's crocheted baby afghan, a zigzag in blues that I made up, and also his airplane quilt. At the bottom of page 4 is a quick little baby afghan I made for a friend in blues and yellows.

On page 3, the first 3 pics are of a pretty pink, green, and white mile a minute afghan I made for another friend. She has 5 boys and this was for her first baby girl, so I picked something really girly :). As you can see, Talon really helped me get this one done. On page 3 there is also a pink and lavendar afghan I made and gave away, but for some reason I can't seem to remember who....hmmm

I have also made some small things, but have no pics of them. I have been experimenting with the peaches n cream brand of cotton yarn (that is what is the easiest for me to get at the local Wally World). I made kitchen washcloth mitts for the girls, which can also double as dust mitts. Made one bath mitt for Eliana with a special hidden pocket for the soap. I have yarn to make one for Tasha, and one for Talon too.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Got the Dark Things out of my Closet....

No, it wasn't about you-know-what or anything. I was just doing laundry. I washed a load of dark clothes for my husband and I and I couldn't help making a silly joke. Am I the only one who does that? Think something and then write a blog post about it while I am going through my day? I have told you guys all kinds of cool things, in my head, ha ha.

anyway, carry on. I will love you even if you don't laugh at my silly joke.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's not even 10:30

and Talon the Adventurer has climbed onto the keyboard stool (no hands),

got into my husband's drawer in the bathroom and got out 2 razors,
apparently one for each hand,

and learned how to climb the ladder to the top bunk on The Bed Nobody Uses
(you'll remember we already took the slide off the day he learned to walk)

prayers would be appreciated
on a good note, we did have chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast

edited: 10:34 am
He just figured out how to open a marker. That didn't take very long,
apparently only 10 days

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two New Teeth

really great pic from uncle joe's sweet husband Jason, Eliana, Natasha, and Talon

Eliana, Natasha holding Talon on Natasha's birthday

hey, guys, this one's mainly for me, and my lack of record keeping
I guess you guys are the newest form of baby book
eventually it will get back to paper form in the pretty blue book i insisted on getting, ha ha

Baby Big Guy has 2 new teeth, new total is 10 teeth. One molar on the bottom on one side and on the top on the other side. He is using baby sign language fairly consistly if I insist on it. He says please, water, more, eat, up, those kinds of things. I think it is pretty cool

Little One is obsessed at bedtime with cleaning her room, making her bed, etc. She is busy tossing things out of her room as we speak.

Dancer Girl is pestering me to type something on my blog. I guess I will let her type while I get the pics off her digital camera so I can post some....
i love every one.

now some pics:

fun on the stairs at uncle joe's

hula birthday boy

reading on campus

if you tease this girl, this is likely what you will see :)

Two peas in a pod

camping out in the living room

see, i have been crocheting lately. I made Natasha and her favorite baby doll Rosie matching hats. You may notice they also they also have matching skirts (kinda like American Girl dolls)

top of crocheted beret for natasha, pattern was from book my dad got me...see dad i actually used the book

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I'm At That Place

where I go ahead and give the baby back his capless dried up marker. It doesn't work anyway. I know, I know, it won't take him long to realize he's been scammed, that he is strong enough to take the caps off the other markers, all that stuff.

sometimes it just does not matter if they lick the spoon and then stick it back into the muffin batter. They are the only ones going to eat it anyway. It doesn't matter if the kids slurp orange juice off the spoon and then stick it back in the pitcher and stir, stir, stir. They are probably the only ones who will drink it. Well, there's me, but I already have their germs. I eat what the baby feeds me sometimes, ha.

Some things do matter to me. A lot. It really bugs me that lots of local factories seem to close, and all those jobs go overseas. It really bugs me that some people in the United States take advantage of migrant workers and cheat them out of a decent wage. I mean, if you are going to hire someone, then hire them and pay them at least minimum wage. Well, and then make them pay United States taxes and social security, too. It bugs me that big corporations like Wal Mart buy products cheap from who knows where and make a profit off of potential child labor and terrible working conditions. You cannot justify treating humans like dirt even if it is better than most of the people in that country or area of the world. To me, you cannot even justify things like waterboarding. I mean, treat people like humans, terrorists or not. Do not subject them to terrible torture, they are human and have basic human rights.

Well, anyway, I have decided (again) to go back to buying as many things as I can that have been produced or made in the USA. It may not seem to do much, but hopefully if I buy locally then I will not encourage child labor and poor treatment of laborers worldwide.

anyway, as you were....