Thursday, May 31, 2007

Still 3

Went to midwife today and there has been no change, still 3cm

just thought some of you might want to know that earth-shattering news.

maybe baby boy just doesn't want to be born in may....maybe he wants his birthday to be in June. Or maybe he just wants to be one of the small percentage of babies actually born on their due date, ha ha

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Still Nothing

This is mostly for my mom, ha ha
Found out I was dilated to 3 on Thursday at my midwife appointment, but nothing is happening....only an occasional tiny almost contraction kind of thing, nothing regular or anything

midwife said if I had any twinge of anything regular to come in to the birthing center......
nothing like that has happened yet......

mom, you will get a call if I go to the birthing center, and Dad will have plenty of time to take a shower! (She knows I am teasing.)

I know this labor is different so far than my other two....but baby boy will come when he is ready...though I know it is hard not to be impatient. Waiting always seems to be the hardest part.....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No Baby Yet

for those who may be boy is not here contractions, feeling good

in nesting mode now, here is a pic of my girls near mother's day

Psa 145:9
The LORD [is] good to all: and his tender mercies [are] over all his works.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

May Outdoor Pics

Here are some recent pics from the month of May. As you can see, Dancer Girl was practicing shooting baskets, and she succeeded in making one. I was so impressed, I snapped a couple of pics. Very cute. The calico cat is Leah, or Big Fat Kitty, our oldest, and the white one is Snowball. The plants are a tomato plant from Motherkitty and Tomas, mom and dad( can you see the little tomatoes?), some dutch iris (white/yellow-- look for the ladybug), spiderwort (purple), honeysuckle, a fern near my front porch, and another fern (japanese painted fern next to some hostas).

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Quilt & Afghan Pics, etc

Here are a few pics of the airplane quilt and the afghan I made for Baby Boy. I also added a couple of the girls. I wanted to post the one with the pretty pink and dresses because I got those for about $3 each, and I thought they were so pretty. The other one I really like because they are so sweet snuggling on the couch under Daddy's UK blanket.