Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not Much

Not much new going on around here
wanting to spend lots of time at home
it has been a year without many extra curriculars or field trips
it has been a year of simplifying
(though, really, the more I give away, the more seems to come in)
have had not much to say, and yet a lot to think about
we still have 3 cats, silky white mama kitty and her 2 grown babies
one white and one tabby (purr babies)
they are turning into very sweet cats, but nothing can seem to replace the 2 lost ones (they don't even seem to like yarn...)
we had a very peaceful fall semester of school, with very little sickness
I am very thankful for that
I am very thankful for Christmas break, for that matter
Resting is very good
Thinking and not worrying is very good too
I find myself not worrying or being anxious, and that is good too
This has been a year of practicing letting things go, things out of my control
I like letting go of things out of my control
I like the idea that you can do what you want, and I don't have to let it bother me
I like the idea that you can think what you want, and I can too. No big deal
I like the fact that I don't have to be like you
I like it that my family does not have to be like yours
I like the desires that God has given me, to create beautiful things for my family and to give away, to be a blessing to others, to give someone else a smile or a laugh or a hug
So anyway, I say "you" but don't take it personally, I mean the whole world and not just you, whoever you are, just now......that reminds of the story my dad always tells, that he really thought that Carly Simon song really was about him :).....

so here's another Carly Simon song, just for fun

thank you to the Background Fairy for my new pink damask background :), very pretty (it did kind of mess with my pics from previous posts, but it will take me a while to go back and fix that)