Saturday, January 03, 2015

A New Year 2015

Happy January, 2015! May it be a year of peace and calm and love for you and your friends and family. I am still amazed at the nice life God has given me, even with all the normal ups and downs. Married almost 19 years, 3 beautiful children. My oldest is a teenager now!! 13 is a beautiful age. I love watching her grow and mature, and yet still be my little girl at the same time. We like to read and play games together, and enjoy music together. My 2nd daughter is 10 now. She is strong, beautiful, and spunky. She is quite athletic and funny. We enjoy laughing and being silly and singing together. I can always count on her to do goofy things with me. My little young man is 7 now, and he is still such a snuggler, and I don't mind it one bit. He loves his kitties and Star Wars and his friends. He likes school and legos. I couldn't ask for better children for me. I love how they all love to pile up on the couch with me, fighting over my lap, or snuggle up in bed with me. I'll never be in a rush for them to grown up.

Still crafting quite a bit, and really I am about as caught up as I ever get. I still have a couple of things I'm making for friends, and then I'll be totally caught up. I have some personal projects I'd like to finish this year. I'm still selling my things online and in the brick and mortar store Raggle Taggle. I'm enjoying working part time there. I'm also immensely enjoying all my volunteer time at the schools. I love it that my kids beg me to chaperone their school trips with them. So much fun!!

I guess I will throw in a few pics to go with the new year.

Ana and I had lots of fun trying on Christmas decorations at the little shop around the corner

future legislator??

somebody loves his kitties