Monday, March 30, 2009

Party Time

I keep coming over here thinking, I really should post something. I kept leaving Ana's pic and birthday post up because, well, her birthday is not over yet. We ended up having to cancel her original birthday party because some of us were sick, and that was such a bummer. So, anyway, the rescheduled party is this weekend. I have a lot to do to get ready. Brainstorming time. Thank God that I had gotten each of the kids a helium balloon from the grocery store a few days before her birthday. They were all sick and miserable and I had to run out to get milk and something else. Boy were they surprised to see balloons too! They are always begging me to get them a balloon at the store :).

I love the store near my house, by the way. It is just a grocery store with a deli. No supercenter, no clothes, no pharmacy, etc. etc. Usually when it is nice, we load the baby in the stroller and get to walk up there. Not long now til we can do that again. Maybe this week

Anyway, I felt so bad because I knew they were too sick, and I was going to have to cancel the party, so I kind of looked the other way when they got into the bag that was full of the goody bags supplies. In the past couple of weeks, we have gone through a whole bag of tootsie rolls and a bag of suckers. Thank God I was able to save the pixie sticks and another bag of candy for the goody bags, ha ha. They may have even opened up the stickers. (they were really sick, you would have let them, too)

So starting today should have been our spring break from school, but I am debating. We have missed so much school because of the ice storm and sickness. Part of me thinks that we cannot afford to miss an entire week. I am hoping for a lightweight, easygoing compromise. The girls have a friend coming over Tuesday and Wednesday, so I thought Tasha could do some school today but take off for a couple of days. Who knows about Thursday and Friday? Only God, I suppose. :)

I am just glad we are all well now. I am really looking forward to some spring cleaning and decluttering. I am hoping it is not raining today. I really want to go take pics of some of my spring flowers while they are still blooming.

So Happy Birthday to my Eliana! You are going to have a great birthday party!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Sweetie!

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweetie! Mommy Loves You!!!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Little Red Afghan

Just have to say, it's a lot of fun being pelted with matchbox cars while you're blogging, waiting for your photo to upload...just thought you'd want to know

thankful that Talon only knows where 3 of his matchbox cars are, and that he was not playing with weeble wobbles when he gleefully decided to toss things in my direction. 67% of said matchbox cars hit me squarely on the back of my shoulders, and one landed right in my hair. I guess I should be glad my head is protecting the monitor

anyway, the reason I got on here is because I know you are all interested in what I did with some restless time the past few days....
I made a little red afghan for a friend who has a new baby girl. I picked the red because I knew she had decorated the nursery with the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Very cute.

I used the same pattern I used for Eliana's rainbow blanket but used a J hook, so it went pretty fast.

(I don't know why I took this pic of the back of her rainbow afghan, as the front with all the bobbles is the pretty part. The white kitty is Duchess of Silk)
I also made my starting chain half as long as stated in the pattern, because I wanted it to be little. I made up a simple border I was really happy with. It was 5dc (in one stitch) and then 2 sc around, with 7 dc in one stitch for the corners.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Never too Late

"It's never too late to become the
person you might have been."
- George Elliot

That's good. I really like that.

for with God all things are possible
from Mark 10

I have always liked the story about Moses where his friends hold his arms up in the battle (from Exodus 17). Thank God he did not have to do it alone.

The Mill on the Floss is a book I read several years ago and liked very much, even though the characters had to go through some very trying things. It is one of those books where you get caught up in the feelings of the characters, and when you get to the end, you wish things could have turned out differently. At the same time, however, you realize that there could be no other ending. I thank God that even if we head down a path to destroy and confuse our lives, He can help us change the ending.