Saturday, March 07, 2009

Little Red Afghan

Just have to say, it's a lot of fun being pelted with matchbox cars while you're blogging, waiting for your photo to upload...just thought you'd want to know

thankful that Talon only knows where 3 of his matchbox cars are, and that he was not playing with weeble wobbles when he gleefully decided to toss things in my direction. 67% of said matchbox cars hit me squarely on the back of my shoulders, and one landed right in my hair. I guess I should be glad my head is protecting the monitor

anyway, the reason I got on here is because I know you are all interested in what I did with some restless time the past few days....
I made a little red afghan for a friend who has a new baby girl. I picked the red because I knew she had decorated the nursery with the Very Hungry Caterpillar theme. Very cute.

I used the same pattern I used for Eliana's rainbow blanket but used a J hook, so it went pretty fast.

(I don't know why I took this pic of the back of her rainbow afghan, as the front with all the bobbles is the pretty part. The white kitty is Duchess of Silk)
I also made my starting chain half as long as stated in the pattern, because I wanted it to be little. I made up a simple border I was really happy with. It was 5dc (in one stitch) and then 2 sc around, with 7 dc in one stitch for the corners.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Talon's a handful (I'm laughing as I type). I can just see you trying to blog while dodging matchbox cars or making sure that they don't hit your monitor.

Your friend will love the little red afghan that you made for her.

Tomas Dennis said...

I have a kitten that thinks that when I open a laptop it is time to step on the keys (Caps Lock). Before we know it the girls will be as busy as you with the afghans.

Tabitha said...

Allison, I love the red afghan! You do such beautiful work :-)

Tuihalalalala said...

wow beautiful work!I like the pastel one!