Saturday, August 01, 2015

A Nice Dream- Harry Connick, Jr. at the Schermerhorn

I rarely dream where I remember it, and if I do, I usually just have unusual or odd dreams, nothing scary, just weird. This morning I had a really nice dream right before I woke up and I wanted to write it down. At the very end of the dream me, my mom, and a bunch of kids we were accidentally chaperoning were getting a private tour of the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall in Nashville and got to sit wherever we wanted in the wings and really close to the stage to hear Harry Connick, Jr casually sing us a private concert. Only after I woke up did I realize that the stage was completely different than the stage at the Schermerhorn. I just love that symphony hall, and think it is so beautiful.

The dream started when mom and I were driving, headed back to her house. We had to take a detour because the road  to her house  was undergoing some construction (which it is right now). We stopped at an old looking gas station on a little hill to get gas, and mom was passing out $100 dollar bills to random helper people at the gas station. The lady said the bathroom was probably not working, but I really had to go, so we started walking around the gas station building to find the bathroom for ourselves. We ended up looking out a window and then going out a doorway to a quaint little town where people were having a celebration of some sort where they were dressed in old fashioned costumes and dresses. We ended up in a building with a group of kids who were going to a camp of some sort. We helped them do some volunteer work, and then at the end of the dream we got to tour the Schermerhorn Symphony Hall with Harry Connick, Jr. I don't remember the song he was singing, but he was so close and we were so near the stage. At the end I was sitting criss cross applesauce on a carpeted area near the edge of the side of the stage and was turning the flash off my camera so I could take some pics while he was singing. Good dream. The end

Here's a random Harry Connick, Jr. song I like, even though it wasn't in the dream

"We Are In Love"

I know you so well
I can tell by the sound of your voice
If you're really in love with me
And you are
You are

You know I can't lie
If I say to you 'baby, I love you'
Then baby, I love you
And I do
I do

I do... could it be that's the
Phrase you thought never would phase you
Well baby, you better hold on tight
'Cause I'm the one who's supposed to
Kneel down and propose, well alright
I might, I might

So, when I kiss you good-night
Just sleep tight with the thought that you'll
Always be caught up in love with me
And you'll dream that the stars up above
Have the answer of whether we'll be
Or whether we won't be
In love...
Well, we are,
We are