Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Polka Dots

I had so much fun picking out material and making these blankets for my friend's baby shower. She is having a baby boy, and her nursery theme is blue, green, and brown polka dots.

For the quilt, I just got 1.5 yards of the brown cotton with blue dots and 1 yard of the soft baby blue fleece. After a little trimming, I just pinned them together, and added the satin border. I did machine quilt the 2 pieces together with diagonal stripes.

I was super happy with the quilt because all the corners ended up square. Double yay!!!! I know this is primitive quilting, but with 3 little ones, I love these fast projects that don't require too much time. I was able to get both of these done in one evening. My kind of project!!!!

For the colorful receciving blanket, I got 1 yard of the soft polka dot flannel and folded right sides together. I sewed around the 3 open sides, leaving a few inches for turning. I trimmed the corners, and turned it, then top-stitched around. Maybe I should have pinned the hole instead of eye-balling it, because that part ended up a wonky. But hey, it was so easy, I know I will be doing it again....and again, so I will have more chances to get it right.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ecru Purse & Belt

Some pics of a purse and belt/headband I made this week for a Health & Beauty Fair in April. This was my first try at a lined purse and belt. I searched high and low for patterns I liked, and ended up just making it up as I went along :). Thanks to my beautiful model (hard at work even before breakfast). Both purse and belt are designed for adults but she graciously posed with them for me anyway. What a sweetie.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Owl Be Thinking About You, Baby

I had a lot of fun creating some cute owl things for a friend's baby shower recently. I found a cute owl bib pattern at the LionBrand site that I thought was super cute. I decided to make it into a stuffed animal. One thing led to another and pretty soon I had changed my little owl into a marsupial by giving it a pouch and an owlet. I made both into baby rattles, too. It just so happened that I had begun a granny square baby blanket from a Christmas gift Jason and the kids had gotten me, Vanna's Choice: Color it Beautiful Afghans.. (yes....Vanna White...from Wheel of Fortune) :)

I had stopped working on it in January and packed it away because I had run out of gold colored yarn to continue the pattern. It turned out to match the little owl so I decided to add a few rows of colors in the afghan to make it a little bigger. It turned out very well, even without the gold yarn. Here are some pics:

Owl also be making some more baby gifts very soon....lots and lots of friends and family are expecting babies. What fun!!! Hopefully, owl not be up all night crocheting and sewing :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Make a Long Story Long....

Well, I started out wanting to post some pics of things I have been making lately. Naturally, I started looking through my pics to make sure I had some good ones of everything I wanted to post. Then I came across this pic, which brought a big smile to my face:

Oh, yes. I know very well that that is a VERY SILLY hat.

It was a special request from Talon (in a way). He wanted a yellow kitty cat hat (thus the ears).

Earlier in the day (yes, the very same was a Tuesday), Natasha spotted a flyer in the library.

She said, "Mom, you should do this!" It was a flyer for a NEW YARN STORE. In my town. And....they were having a January Hat Challenge to raise money for the American Cancer Society. How exciting! So what did I do? Cleared the afternoon schedule (because of course we were just a couple of days away from the contest deadline) to make a hat. Then comes the "looking through patterns" stage. Online patterns, patterns in my books. I settled on one that looked fairly easy. It was a hat made out of 5 granny squares sewed together.

Well, of course mine ended up looking nothing like the pattern in the book. The original didn't have cat ears, for one thing. Well, wouldn't you know it...Talon absolutely loved it...this thing I created that could be ranked in the top 5 of the ugliest things I have ever made.

So, I have to say I was really, really surprised when I saw this:
an article in the local paper with a pic from the new yarn store, with a pic of my hat (well in a big group of hats, but hey!). See the kitty ears sticking up over there on the right in the back?

I am so excited! (I will have to make another post with all the other exciting things I have been up to). Yay!!