Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wiggler Pics

mom & dad came by today, & we had a good visit
Dancer Girl continues to wiggle that tooth, as you can see
everyone is feeling better, thanks for your thoughts & prayers

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Wiggler

Dancer Girl's 2 top front teeth are loose. She is so happy. She has been singing the song, All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. (not her in the video, by the way). Yesterday, all day long, she wiggled the one that is the loosest (if I can say it like that). She wiggled, and fiddled, and pushed her tongue through and her fingers through. She has been carrying around this little plastic tooth-shaped thing the dentist gave her to put her lost teeth in. I am sure we will take a pic when the tooth comes out :), and hopefully remember to post it.

I think we are finally at the end of the stomach virus thing, and unfortunately, we shared it at least with Motherkitty, my mom. Little One, now 3, who had no symptoms at all the whole time, threw up all over herself Sunday night in her preschool class at church. I never saw people move so fast except when that child was born. Thankfully I was there to help. As an afterthought, I got an upset stomach off and on for a day and a half, and worshipped (is that 2 p's or 1?) at the green porcelain god of great flushing in my bathroom a couple of nights ago. Yesterday I felt puny and rested. And today, after cancelling everything else, including family visits with people from across the country, we all seem to feel fine. Figures.

I started to make Baby Boy, aka FencerBoy, a winter hat cause I couldn't find the one navy blue one both girls used (I got it for Dancer Girl knowing someday I might have a boy who would wear it, but now that I have a boy, well, I can't find the hat). The pattern was quite vague. It said things like, use baby yarn and a smallish hook if you want a small hat, and a bigger hook and sport weight yarn if you want a bigger hat. Of course that didn't bother me cause I normally don't bother with gauge cause I just make baby afghans mostly, and I mostly just make them up as I go (ah, yesss, that looks big enough.....).

Well, it turns out I made a really cute little hat for Little One, age 3, with FencerBoy's leftover blue variegated yarn. So what to do? Start to make a matching poncho, of course....I would take a pic, but she is at WalMart with her sister (who of course is wiggling) buying groceries for me.

How good is my husband? I think he is wonderful! So I watched TLC's Baby Story (I know, I know), did some laundry, and carried FencerBoy around in the sling til he fell asleep. And, of course, I blogged. Typing with both hands, too. Now that is something.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Please Pray

Dancer Girl was throwing up yesterday & still has a tummy ache this morning. This means we may have to stay home for Thanksgiving :(

can't wait to see those pretty feet dancing again

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Potato Pancakes

Hey Mom, I forgot to get the stuff for the potato pancakes. Please remind me to go back to the store, because we NEED the potato pancakes :)

just for fun I googled potato pancakes and was reading what Wikipedia had to say about them, and found this recipe (see below after the rambling, and then after that you can click and hear a silly Latke song). It looks easy, and those are strong words for someone who is just a tiny bit cooking challenged. I mean, I do cook. My family eats the stuff. They even say they like it. (we have officially only had one food funeral around here....we held the stuff over the garbage cans, said a few words, and then ordered a pizza). But you can ask my mom, I am such a picky eater. Half the time, I don't even like the scrambled eggs I make myself, ha ha ha ha. Then again, aren't most cooks severely critical of themselves?

Anyway, the potato pancakes. They are very important. I will go back to the store, but just for your viewing pleasure, and for those of you with a little more gumption, you can try this recipe and tell me how it is :

Potato Latkas

4 large potatos - peeled & grated
2 eggs
1/8 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon flour


Drain potatos to remove most moisture.
In bowl, mix eggs, baking powder, salt & flour
Add potatos and mix.
In frying pan, cover bottom with 1/2" oil.
Heat oil. (Electric skillet set heat to 400 degrees).
Drop mixture into hot oil by large spoonful.
Brown on both sides.
When cooked, drain on paper bags covered with paper towels.

Mixture will turn brown during preparation or cooking. No problem.
A food processor or blender can be handy for grating the potatos.
Sometimes a tablespoon or two of finely grated onion are added to the mixture.
Can be served with any of all of: sour cream, sugar or apple sauce.

And, that is not all. You can even go here and hear a very silly song about Latkes.
And, there is even more. If you click the picture, you can go to even another potato pancake recipe (these look more like the ones my mom makes, yum)

And will someone please come over here and take all the candy corn out of my house?
(mutters to self...."I will not eat the candy corn, I will not eat the candy corn, I will not eat the candy corn)

And, here is my blessing for you today: May your Halloween candy be all gone, may you have friends and family to go home to this week for Thanksgiving, and may you have lots of yummy food to eat with them.

And, because I just cannot stop (it is just so much fun adding another terrible sentence beginning with "And," just to annoy those of you who find it terrible grammar), let's not forget all the people around the world who really do not have that much to be thankful for.....war zones, poverty, forest fires, family gone/working, loved ones who have passed away. For my friends and especially my family, even if you never hear from me, I am extremely grateful for you, even if you don't make me French toast and potato pancakes (thanks mom, i love you)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gourmet Kitty

I opened the big bag of Purina cat chow & got this free shiny blue can of Fancy Feast

White Meat Chicken and Cheddar Cheese Souffle with Garden Greens

...and, NO, I am not kidding. That sounds better than what I had for dinner last night!Big Fat Kitty's eating good today!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fall Slideshow 1

Moonflower Santana
(hey, by accident i was playing this you tube music my dad posted while watching my slideshow, & it worked well together. Sorry I am not more technologically advanced, but if your browser lets have multiple pages open, then you can play the music, & then come back to watch the slideshow :)...well, you will have to copy the link to a new browser page

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

First Cold

Well, my baby boy is 5 mos old & he has his first cold. First stuffy nose, runny nose, with fever. I forgot what it was like staying up with a baby who can't settle down to sleep because of a stopped up nose. My oldest was always very determined. When she was a baby & had a stopped up nose, it didn't stop her from nursing. She would nurse for a while, pop off to breathe through her mouth, & then nurse again. Baby boy just got mad & complained after he nursed. He was mad cause he was full & sleepy & he couldn't figure out how to breathe through his mouth instead of his nose. I went to run a warm bath for him & when I got back to get him he had just snuggled up to my husband & fallen asleep. Very sweet. So, what's a girl to do? Well, I went & took a nice hot bath. I was up anyway :)