Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Wiggler

Dancer Girl's 2 top front teeth are loose. She is so happy. She has been singing the song, All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. (not her in the video, by the way). Yesterday, all day long, she wiggled the one that is the loosest (if I can say it like that). She wiggled, and fiddled, and pushed her tongue through and her fingers through. She has been carrying around this little plastic tooth-shaped thing the dentist gave her to put her lost teeth in. I am sure we will take a pic when the tooth comes out :), and hopefully remember to post it.

I think we are finally at the end of the stomach virus thing, and unfortunately, we shared it at least with Motherkitty, my mom. Little One, now 3, who had no symptoms at all the whole time, threw up all over herself Sunday night in her preschool class at church. I never saw people move so fast except when that child was born. Thankfully I was there to help. As an afterthought, I got an upset stomach off and on for a day and a half, and worshipped (is that 2 p's or 1?) at the green porcelain god of great flushing in my bathroom a couple of nights ago. Yesterday I felt puny and rested. And today, after cancelling everything else, including family visits with people from across the country, we all seem to feel fine. Figures.

I started to make Baby Boy, aka FencerBoy, a winter hat cause I couldn't find the one navy blue one both girls used (I got it for Dancer Girl knowing someday I might have a boy who would wear it, but now that I have a boy, well, I can't find the hat). The pattern was quite vague. It said things like, use baby yarn and a smallish hook if you want a small hat, and a bigger hook and sport weight yarn if you want a bigger hat. Of course that didn't bother me cause I normally don't bother with gauge cause I just make baby afghans mostly, and I mostly just make them up as I go (ah, yesss, that looks big enough.....).

Well, it turns out I made a really cute little hat for Little One, age 3, with FencerBoy's leftover blue variegated yarn. So what to do? Start to make a matching poncho, of course....I would take a pic, but she is at WalMart with her sister (who of course is wiggling) buying groceries for me.

How good is my husband? I think he is wonderful! So I watched TLC's Baby Story (I know, I know), did some laundry, and carried FencerBoy around in the sling til he fell asleep. And, of course, I blogged. Typing with both hands, too. Now that is something.


Motherkitty said...

I'm glad everybody is finally feeling better. I'm pretty much feeling more "normal" and eating again. I even took showers yesterday and today.

Yesterday was chicken broth, white rice, and some left-over turkey a couple of times and several slices of pear. Today I'm making a beef stew and I will see if I can tolerate it okay.

Sorry you had to miss your visit with the folks. I forgot that today was supposed to be the scheduled day. I'm sure they were disappointed not to be able to see everyone, but better safe than sorry and I'm sure Nana wouldn't appreciate getting sick.

Dancer Girl will be very cute with her two teeth missing up front. Can't wait to see her with her gap. Hope she doesn't swallow the tooth.

Sandy said...

Glad everyone is feeling better including Motherkitty. Brian's WHOLE family including married son, dil and grandbaby have the stomach virus.
Brian & Reva also have Bronchitis.

Matt has something but continues to work. All are staying away from me for the moment.

Dancer Girl will look really cute with her front teeth missing.

Take care,