Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two New Teeth

really great pic from uncle joe's sweet husband Jason, Eliana, Natasha, and Talon

Eliana, Natasha holding Talon on Natasha's birthday

hey, guys, this one's mainly for me, and my lack of record keeping
I guess you guys are the newest form of baby book
eventually it will get back to paper form in the pretty blue book i insisted on getting, ha ha

Baby Big Guy has 2 new teeth, new total is 10 teeth. One molar on the bottom on one side and on the top on the other side. He is using baby sign language fairly consistly if I insist on it. He says please, water, more, eat, up, those kinds of things. I think it is pretty cool

Little One is obsessed at bedtime with cleaning her room, making her bed, etc. She is busy tossing things out of her room as we speak.

Dancer Girl is pestering me to type something on my blog. I guess I will let her type while I get the pics off her digital camera so I can post some....
i love every one.

now some pics:

fun on the stairs at uncle joe's

hula birthday boy

reading on campus

if you tease this girl, this is likely what you will see :)

Two peas in a pod

camping out in the living room

see, i have been crocheting lately. I made Natasha and her favorite baby doll Rosie matching hats. You may notice they also they also have matching skirts (kinda like American Girl dolls)

top of crocheted beret for natasha, pattern was from book my dad got me...see dad i actually used the book


Jellyhead said...

Oooh, how exciting to discover your kids' names!! Your girls have beautiful names, and your boy has a very masculine name, too.

They all look wonderfully happy and cute!

Tomas Dennis said...

We had lots of wind Sunday. Those are nice pictures of the family.

Motherkitty said...

Those are faces of those I love!!! Except, where is yours? You couldn't possibly be taking all those pictures.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Great pictures!