Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Fat Kitty is Soooo Happy

Thanks Dad for updating the pics on the Crafts Page you made for me. It looks great!!!

In the last week or so, I have completed a couple of projects for friends. One was a pastel crocheted baby blanket for a friend's little girl. It is at the top of page 5. I also made a quick little quilt for my friend's new baby boy. My girls are modelling it also on page 5. If you look closely at the blue side you will see a road I quilted on and a primitive car (though it is upside down in the pic)

Page 4 shows pics of Talon's crocheted baby afghan, a zigzag in blues that I made up, and also his airplane quilt. At the bottom of page 4 is a quick little baby afghan I made for a friend in blues and yellows.

On page 3, the first 3 pics are of a pretty pink, green, and white mile a minute afghan I made for another friend. She has 5 boys and this was for her first baby girl, so I picked something really girly :). As you can see, Talon really helped me get this one done. On page 3 there is also a pink and lavendar afghan I made and gave away, but for some reason I can't seem to remember who....hmmm

I have also made some small things, but have no pics of them. I have been experimenting with the peaches n cream brand of cotton yarn (that is what is the easiest for me to get at the local Wally World). I made kitchen washcloth mitts for the girls, which can also double as dust mitts. Made one bath mitt for Eliana with a special hidden pocket for the soap. I have yarn to make one for Tasha, and one for Talon too.

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Tomas Dennis said...

Enjoyed creating the pages.
I love your creation. We will be stopping by after mom's eye doctor appointment.
Mom got to talk to "E" on the phone this weekend about their upcoming trip. I did not hear much about the details other than mom being really excited.
love ya all
see ya