Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Kitten Cliffhanger Update

I was reading over my first entry today and realized that there may be many people who are wondering what ever happened to New Kitty, and was she killed by Big Fat Kitty? What a cliffhanger! Well, anyway, just in case you were wondering. New Kitty became Mama Kitty and taught her pretty white babies to play with dead baby birds in my living room. Therefore a proclamation was made:

Henceforth Mama Kitty and all her Pretty White descendants will be exiled to the Yard, where they may frolic with Birds and Bird Parts all they want.

This did make things hard for Big Fat Kitty, because now that the cat door is locked she has to ask to go in and out. But I have to say she doesn't care one bit, because all she ever wanted was the house to herself. Big Fat Kitty purrs again and has even come to sit on my lap. She still wakes me up with requests for food, even if there is still food in her bowl.

As for Dancer Girl and Toddler Girl. Well Dancer Girl recently had a wonderful birthday bash. Being 4, she makes wonderful proclamations like, "Mama, when I'm 6...."(you can fill in the blanks). Apparently she is too excited and wants to skip past 5. Her Dada tells her she's not allowed to grow up, but she rightly tells him that she's supposed to grow up, God made her that way. Dancer Girl's new pastime is trying to tell jokes, which may go something like this--- "Mama, what is forest and trees and clouds together?" "I don't know." "The letter A and T." Which is followed, of course, by wild laughter (and you'd better laugh, too). I keep telling myself I am going to find a book of jokes for preschoolers, and teach her some.....

Toddler Girl is almost 1.5 years old, and I guess she has graduated from toddlerhood. Maybe I should call her Running and Spinning Without Looking Where She is Going Girl (then again, that could go for either one....might be a bit confusing). Maybe I should call her I Want to Be Like Big Sister Even Though I am Nothing Like Her Girl (whew! too long). I guess for now I will settle on Little Sister Girl. Little Sister is going through the exciting phase of learning new words every day. You never know what she will repeat. She is very determined to learn how to jump properly and does a very cute impression of a little stomping sumo wrestler, complete with hair, which is very long so I try to keep it in a little ponytail (sticks straight up, now I know why people put bows in their babies' hair)

Both girls are Daddy's girls and I have to admit that I sometimes feel a little jealous of the attention they get from their daddy. But then again, that is the way it is supposed to be. I am very very thankful that they are wholly devoted to him. To sum up, I love the way they run to the door and wave and call to him when he leaves for work. Even better is how they run to him in glee when he gets home. He loves it, and so do I.

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