Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hip Hip

I just got $95 worth of children's books for only $35. That's pretty cool. I ended up selling enough books to get a bunch of discounts. So if you ever get a chance to do an Usborne book party, go for it. They have bunches of cool kids' books.

Also, I gave away 2 kittens in 2 days. Only 2 more little ones to go....and 2 big ones (but that is another story). Also on the cat front, I am wondering why my just spayed mama cat is looking pregnant. It is kind of weird.

So mom and dad, my living room is still clean and so is my kitchen. The kitchen table is filled with school workbooks, pencils, and crayons, but that is ok with me.

We are going on a field trip tomorrow to visit a local airport. I am sure the girls will love it. Sweet husband is taking off work to go with us, too. Bonus.

One week til Thanksgiving. You guys ready??????


Motherkitty said...

Yay for all the books!

Now, I want the story on the kittens and cats. Do tell.

Yes, I'm primed and ready for Thanksgiving. I sat and made my grocery list this morning. Will shop on Friday when I pick up my turkey.

Glad you are keeping up with the housework. Have fun at your airport outing tomorrow. Say "hi" to long haired daddy for us.

Alissa said...

I attended an Usborne party a couple of months ago. I picked up some really neat books for the boys, and I could tell that the hostess got some really great deals. I like their stuff.

My house is clean, too. But it won't last... :-)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I've never attended an Usborne party, but my hubby takes all his books in to a used bookstore and trades them for other books he hasn't read yet...And that's a pretty good deal for him.

You all have fun at the airport...we have always enjoyed watching those big planes take off and land.

Motherkitty sounds very excited about Thanksgiving...enjoy yourselves.

Franny said...

I worked in a bookstore for 5 can imaging the damage I did with that employee discount! Most of my paycheques went right back into the store!

I like your trip to the airport idea - your kids are blessed to have such a creative and energetic mom! Hope you're feeling fine and that you have a lovely Thanksgiving!