Tuesday, March 27, 2007

For Catzilla

Here is a pic I took this week of Big Fat Kitty (aka Leah).
She was very happy napping next to the crocheted yarn blanket we were sitting on to read books near the redbud. As you can see, she was stretching her paws out as close as possible to the blanket. Whenever we go outside all the kitties follow us.

Here is a pic of Big Fat Kitty as a baby. As you can see, she is pitty-patting on her favorite afghan. I gave her the afghan when she was a baby (handed down from when someone gave it to me. I didn't make this one). Big Fat Kitty is the reason this blog is called KittenYarn. Every time I get yarn out or any afghan, here comes Big Fat Kitty to help or lay on my lap. These days she is not very happy with all the other kitties around, but has formed a peace alliance with them as long as they stay outside and she is the only one who gets to come in. ha ha


Motherkitty said...

I wouldn't exactly call Leah "catzilla." She's more like a big, soft, furry stuffed kitty. Except she likes to bite if you touch her in the wrong place! She's still pretty, though.

Trish Milburn said...

Hey, I haven't had time to stop by lately, so I just scrolled through several posts. Wow, you're getting close to baby 3. I'll have to swing by after the wee one arrives.

Catzilla said...

Thanks for posting pictures of your Big Fat Kitty aka Leah. She looks a lot like our Callie, but in size she looks like Daisy, hehehe.

Our run of extremely hot sunny days ended today with the onset of rain showers and I was so looking forward to another day outside.

Christal said...

Love reading your blog, dont get to read it too much but I enjoy it when I get time. Thank you for sharing pics of Leah. She is a keeper!