Monday, October 01, 2007

Toilet Paper Conversion & Other Nonsense

I have started to write this post at least 2 times.....and hopefully you will find it slightly amusing & totally useless information, just like I did.

It all started when my children started unrolling almost the whole roll of toilet paper in the bathroom floor. I would go into the bathroom & have to spend about 10 minutes rolling up the toilet paper. I have my suspicions as to who did it, but so far Not Me is who they say did it.[here is where I wasted about 10 minutes googling around looking for a Family Circus cartoon that goes with the Not Me saying, and not finding one, you will just have to imagine it in your head, that is, unless you are too young to remember that, and then, never mind....]

I have always been a pull the toilet paper from the top (click here to read an article I did not even read) kind of person. [insert here all the silly male/female toilet paper, seat up/down jokes you ever heard] . One day, however, in my sleepless nursing a newborn state of mind, I put the toilet paper on upside down, and was too tired to fix it. It turns out that the children don't unroll the paper all over the floor this way. [this is how that guy discovered coca cola too, by accident]

[I was going to insert this really cute video of kittens unrolling toilet paper from You Tube but actually wasted about 15 minutes looking, 2 different times, so you will have to go look yourself]

So now, I put my toilet paper on the holder upside down, on purpose.
[very sorry to all of you, if I had not wasted all of my time looking for useless things online, I probably could have posted really cute real pics of my children, my cats, my yarn, the crossword puzzle I have yet to finish, stuff like that....better luck next time]


Tomas Dennis said...

After I die you can ask mom the most hilarious thing she saw me do with toilet paper.

Motherkitty said...

OMG, I have just spent 30 minutes watching YouTube videos of crazy cats/kittens doing crazy things. I don't know what the attraction toilet paper, toilets, bathtubs, kitchen/bathroom sinks and water have for cats, but I know from experience that my kitties have done the kookiest things in these areas. As a matter of fact, I had to purchase a special cabinet with closed drawers for my bathroom because my kittens kept decimating brand-new packages of toilet paper. It was cheaper to purchase this cabinet than to keep replacing the toilet paper. When I asked them who did it, they both answered "Not Me!!!" Kids, what are you going to do?

Sandy said...

I think the girls are being truthful and after spending 30 minutes watching those kitty videos, I think your cat did it.

Mama Lamba said...

Tee hee!!! We used to have a tot (who will remain nameless, eh, Lioness??) who loved to unroll the potty paper. We made the same discovery as you--worked great!

Motherkitty said...
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Motherkitty said...

Congratulations. You have been awarded the You Make Me Smile award because you make me smile.

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manababies said...

Hehe. This is too funny. I had a cat that used to do that. Then I'd turn it the other way and he'd sit on the windowsill above the toilet paper and do the same thing. Now my son does it, probably because he gets so bored sitting on the potty.