Friday, February 08, 2008


A Relatively Quiet Dinner. Hurray! Well, except for when FencerBoy stuck his hand in my plate of Pollo Feliz and grabbed a handful of queso-drenched grilled onions. You gotta move fast with this one :). Needless to say, baby likes guacamole. Motherkitty and Tomas came to visit. We had such a good visit, well, except for the lightning.

Dancer Girl took all these pics with her camera

Dancer Girl accidentally took these videos with her camera so I thought I would try to add them here. So cute. Don't you love my completely unorthodox way of feeding baby. At least I didn't have to worry about spoons or plates thrown to the floor. The employess at this small local Mexican place were thoroughly amused and didn't argue when I asked to clean up the mess myself, ha ha

Baby likes to eat lots of things. He samples what he wants. He will eat your green beans at Cracker Barrel and swipe food off your plate. He has eaten fresh fruits: bananas, apples, cantalope. He likes mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, apple dumplings, Cream of Wheat (I know, I know, the food police are coming...he's my 3rd child, what do you expect?). The only thing he will not eat is jarred baby food. Ha ha. I am not too disappointed. I tasted the stuff. Ewww. Sorry to all you mommies whose babies love it. None of mine have. His favorite food, above all else, is still Mommy Milk, and that is ok with me. No hurry here.

In other news, lots of people here are still sick a little, hubby having flu-like symptoms yesterday, girls complaining of various mysterious vague school-inhibiting symptoms.

Almost forgot to mention, Baby got his first tooth this morning. He is 8 months & 1 week old. I am so happy. Hurray!

Oh, for those who were wondering....
Baby + Guacamole = Green Baby Poop


jellyhead said...

Tee hee ... love your 'feeding technique' in the video! Well, why not?!

8 months already? Unbelievable.

Hope your hubby and girls get over their illnesses in time for you to enjoy your weekend together :)

Sandy said...

Baby Fencer is so adorable! And I also love your baby feeding technique.

Hope everyone feels better soon.

Tomas Dennis said...

Grandpa groaned when I he saw the video of the 'feeding technique'.
No need to immunize for the flu there is enough vaccine on that table.
Love ya

Mama Lamba said...

Whadda sweetie! Golly, they get big fast, eh? HUGS!