Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life

To my husband, I wish you the best of everything for your birthday.
You know all the things I would get you if I will have to just be happy with a new skirt and shaved legs *wink wink*

And a couple of pics of me from our Honeymoon in Gatlinburg (March 1996)

Look at me loading the dishwasher on our honeymoon. Pretty sexy, huh?

You are better than any movie star to me :)
I love you, Sweetie!

You will have to forgive me for not posting any pics of my husband for his birthday. It is part of his present, ha ha. This post is all for you, Baby. I love you. Happy Birthday!!!!


Jellyhead said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

And look at you Ali - smokin'!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a hottie.
I bet he loved his gift.
Happy birthday to him!

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

WOW! L.H.daddy got the GREATEST gift of all when he married you.