Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finished Crochet Projects

Here are several things I have made or finished lately. Talon's sweater was one I made last year, and it was huge on him. I finally put buttons on it. Not bad for one of my first tries at sweaters, and he is happy with it, but I see lots of imperfections. My mom gave me all the yarn for the sweater. Talon's favorite color is yellow.

The granny square afghan in blues/greens/yellow was for a friend's baby shower this week. It was so soft and warm. She loved it. Yay!! This was yarn from my Aunt Sandy :)

The baby afghan variegated pink yarn is available/for sale in my new Etsy store (see sidebar) Yay!!! I just wanted to try a new pattern and love how it came out. This is more yarn from my Aunt Sandy :) (Aunt Sandy, I am working really hard to use up that yarn, but I think it will take a while)

The stocking and the two white scarves were orders I got after the Holiday Bazaar. I think they both came out wonderfully.

I love the holiday season, and love giving gifts....praying you are all safe and warm and full of God's peace.


Motherkitty said...

Dear Master Crocheter: Your items are lovely. Your children are lovely. I am very happy that you turned out to be so talented. Now, I must teach you how to do needlepoint. I know you will love it.

Love, Mother

Alipurr said...

Dear Mother :),
I would love to learn to needlepoint. So sweet of you to call me a master crocheter....not quite there yet :)

Kim said...

Allison, the kids are so big! They are beautiful, and so is your crocheting! I am very impressed! xo, Kim

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

This is your aunt Sandy and I can see that I made the right choice in giving you all my yarn. I love the beautiful creations you make. And to think that I thought it was just ole yarn :)) You have turned it into something of beauty.

That's not all that is are your cute models!