Thursday, June 09, 2011


I know, I know. It won't technically be summer for a couple more weeks, but school is out here, and summer activities are in full swing. We went on an awesome family trip with Jason's mom and brother to the Cincinnati area. Lots of fun.

Then it was Talon's 4th birthday and my 40th. So weird. Not feeling 40. My mom got me a huge gift bag full of yarn. I got myself a couple of what they call afghan crochet hooks to try out tunisian crochet (crochet that kind of looks like knitting...going to leave it at that). I have been fun trying to figure out tunisian crochet, but other than that, I have been camp taxi driver :).

Talon's party will be on the 18th and I still have a lot to do for that. I do know that he wants a cake with trees, dinosaurs, a waterfall, and a volcano. I have some good ideas, so we will see how that turns out :)

We have had some relaxing reading time, sprinkler time, and swimming in Grandma & Grandpa's pool time. I just love this pic of my son, Talon. This was him at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History reading National Geographic magazine on his birthday. I think I like this pic so much because he reminds me of his daddy here. He also got to hold a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach and scratch a chinchilla behind the ears. Eliana absolutely loved the cockroach, too; and Tasha loved the chinchilla. I will have to post more about our trip and pics, etc. later. The Cincinnati Museum where Talon was reading houses 3 museums. It was really cool.

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Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Talon looks cute reading that National Geographic. We took the kids to that museum when they were young...I bet it's changed a lot.