Monday, September 03, 2012

Hydrangea Test Flower

this is a test flower in response to this article Lacy Crochet's Hydrangea. I was trying to help her test her pattern and make the petals more hydrangea-shaped. She wanted them more pointy. I followed her instructions, except I added an extra petal (5 instead of 4) and I added a picot in between the 2 trebles. For the picot, ch 3 after the first treble, then sl st into the first chain of the ch 3, then continue with 2nd treble. See  the link for her full instructions. I tried to make a french knot for the center, but I am terrible at making them. Just ask my mom, hahahhahhahahhahaha

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Olga said...

These are really cute! I think this pattern can also be used for African violets. Dark purple ones with yellow French knots in the middle will look very pretty. Thank you so much for your help!