Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rainbows & Storms

This thought was going through my head several days ago, before the tragedy in Connecticut. I almost posted this the week before that happened.

 Just because there's a rainbow, it doesn't mean that the storm was a blessing. Just because there's a rainbow, it doesn't mean that the storm wasn't a tragedy. Just because I can be thankful for the rainbow, I don't have to be thankful for the storm. I am just not going to be thankful and happy about tragedies. Not even if a beautiful rainbow is the result.

I will and can be thankful for the rainbow, but I don't have to be happy about the storm. Storms can be bad and destructive. They can leave horrible devastation, and I am not going to be happy and thankful about that. I mean.....I am not happy that God destroyed the world with a flood. The flood was terrible. A lot of life on earth was destroyed. I still trust God, and I am happy about His promises, but there is a lot about Him that I just don't get.

 I am not happy and thankful about hurricanes and tornadoes, school shootings, parents and children dead too soon. I *know* that God will redeem any situation and bring good and blessing out of it. I will be happy and thankful for His promises and the rainbows. I hate the storms. I hate the tragedies. I hate the homes and families destroyed by hurricanes, mean people, tornadoes, school shootings. I am not happy about stolen children, raped women, warped minds who hate people.

We are all broken at some level. There are parts of all our lives that are full of storms, full of tragedy and heartbreak. I hate those parts of my life. My hope in this life is that I *know* I can count on my God to make rainbows and blessings out of my storms. I *know* He is the source of love and He brings love and hope into my life. I would be selfish if I didn't do my part to share hugs and encouragement from Him to people I meet.

(click the picture to find out how to photograph a rainbow)

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Here is a crochet pattern for a lined zippered rainbow coin purse that I might make someday

2 comments: said...

Emotional outlets do create a better understanding about life; that is what I like about blogs they let the planet and it's inhabitants know how you feel.
There is a good understanding about life and it's good and bad after you release this voice. You and God will have a better understanding about you, a human being on the planet earth.
That is why it is always a good morning in my mind, because every day we learn from pain and happy smiles at schools and homes.
There is a photo of a boy going to school on a school bus and he he is happy looking out the window and that photo makes a lot of folks happy.
So good morning and understand that the storm cleanses the planet and the rainbow is the result of clean air/atmosphere.
Love ya, take care.
please write more and I hope you sell a lot of things.

Alipurr said...

thanks, Dad. I always love saying Good Morning to you and the world. I love that you have taught me that.
I hope you have a great day