Thursday, May 15, 2014

May Flowers

Here are the May squares I sent out for the crochet granny square swap group I'm in. I kind of just randomly pulled out some colors and ended up with these. They kind of remind me of sunflowers, so I ended up sending a packet of sunflower seeds with each square.

This is not a great picture, but I wanted to show the progress on putting together the squares that I have received from the square swap so far. I got one more since taking this picture, so I'll have to add more pics later. I'm adding a row of black double crochet around each square. I am hoping to have 7 rows of 6 squares by the end of the year. We'll see. Odds are not in my favor. I should have gotten squares for Feb, Mar, Apr, and May so far, with each group averaging about 5-7 people. Sooo, a bare minimum estimate of 20 (5 people over 4 months) shows that not all the people are getting their squares out. Oh well. I currently have 12 squares so far. 

My children gave me some sweet mother's day cards recently. I love those babies of mine, even though they're not babies anymore. Talon helped me plant some pansies, petunias, and some other annuals. He picked out lots of pretty colors. I really should take some pictures. 

It's been hot and sunny most days, and rainy and stormy others. My wild roses and my other red roses are both blooming right now. 

not much else happening. The school year is winding up in the next week or so. The Downtown Saturday Farmers Market is starting this weekend. Then it'll be a whirlwind of summer fun and camps for a while.

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