Wednesday, July 15, 2015

All the Pretty Things

a few of my recent creations.....I just love all the colors! These were all fun, fairly quick projects. The little purses are not quite done, as I'm looking for some fabric to line them with. They were so fun to make that I'll likely be making more little purses in different colors and sizes.

The only other exciting craft happening around here is that the little shop where I help out, Raggle Taggle, is moving to a larger another city! I won't be able to work in the shop like I have been, but I'll still help with crochet classes. It's been a fun season, to work in a little shop like that. I've had a relaxing summer so far, and I've spent quite a lot of time at home, doing things with the family. The dowtown Saturday farmer's market is still calling my name, so I might still do that. The market runs all the way through October, so I have plenty of time to join in if I want to :). We'll see....I'm really enjoying time home with the babies (though they're not babies anymore!). My oldest will be in high school marching band this year, so I'll likely be going to all kinds of marching band competitions, in addition to lots of gymnastics meets :)

Some recent family pictures (sure do love these people)--

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