Friday, October 30, 2015

Buckle Up and Enjoy the Ride

A Valentine Bear for my daughter wearing a sweater I made for it. 
Bear buckles up for safety when he goes on trips.

We're cheering for the marching band at all their competitions.

So proud of all the band's hard work.

The band is on their way to the state marching band competition. This is my oldest daughter holding the sax. She loves band! (she takes after me) Good luck, Tiger Band!!

This is a blanket I made years ago for my husband's Nana. After she passed away, it came back to our house with us. It is very warm and snuggly. Here one of my daughters snuggles with her green bunny and our grey kitty. Being 11 is hard work.

A whole bunch of handmade dishcloths, ready for a craft fair in my hometown.
This is the result of a whole lot of hours of work, and just a small amount of the items I took to sell. It went pretty well. My favorite part of that weekend was seeing and hugging friends and spending the weekend with my mom and dad. I got to watch movies with mom and have some good talks with my dad. Good times

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