Saturday, July 27, 2019

Just No

I am just thinking about lots of things these days. I am thinking about how naive and trusting I've always been. How I tend to believe people when they talk to me and choose to see the best in people.

  I tend to get my heart broken and crushed and find out too late that people don't always mean what they say. It has always been a shock to me.

And yet....

I have come to a conclusion, one among many. I will not regret being gentle. I will not regret being kind. I will not regret trusting and believing and will continue to do so. I will always choose to forgive and overlook things, and I will always choose to see the best in people.

And I will not regret it. It is who I am. I may give my whole heart and have people still hurt me and walk away, but that is their choice. I can still care. I can still love. And I will.

I will still sing. I will still be thankful. I will still be glad when people are happy and doing well, and I will be sad when things are not going well. You cannot stop me from caring and loving.

You cannot stop me. Just no.

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