Saturday, January 06, 2007

Speedy Recovery

We are all much better, thanks for your sweet thoughts. Dancer Girl felt better the morning after we saw the doctor. I kind of wish we had waited a day to see how it would go, but we got an appointment so fast and I was so surprised, that we just went right away. When I called, they said, can you come in a half an hour? Well, now she has to finish the 10 day antibiotics, could be worse, although I tend to lean towards underprescribing. Well, this time, I just chose to trust the doctor, because she said Dancer Girl had 4 out of 5 symptoms for strep. Who knows? We may have gotten the meds just in time and that was what made her feel better faster. I will give all the credit to my God, though, because He is the ultimate healer. He can heal using doctors and medicines, and sometimes He heals in an instant, and sometimes He gives us wisdom to eat and drink things that will make and keep us strong and healthy.

Going to take down the Christmas tree today and make home-made pizza. Yesterday, I baked a ham that my husband was given from the company he is working with right now. It was really good! Yum.

And, I have all my dishes washed. Ok, mom, you can get up off the floor now. You can see both sides of my sink. It has been that way pretty much all week and last week. I am actually caught up on the girls' laundry and on the linens. I just have a couple of loads of mine and my husband's to wash and put away. About the only thing I can credit for being so caught up is not going anywhere. I kind of like staying home, and not rushing off everywhere.

Staying home has also made the first week back to school very productive, even with people not feeling well. Gotta go make my dough, have a good one!


Motherkitty said...

Well, I'm up off the floor and very glad everybody in your household is feeling much better now. We had homemade pizza yesterday and it was very good. Ate more today for lunch.

I'm glad the ham came out okay. Did the girls and husband like it?

We will probably come see you next Thursday. Talk to you soon.

Tomas Dennis said...

I think it is our god not my god. You have been listening to too much gossip in your Sunday School Classes.
Glad you feel better and read the the thoughts history has taught us about medicine. It will open your heart.
Take Care

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I haven't had homemade pizza in ages...I bet it was really good.

Alipurr said...

Dad, I don't really have a clue what you are talking about. Sorry. If you want to follow God, and be a Christian, that is great. No one is stopping you. I can't figure out what my post and gossip and Sunday School have to do with anything.

God is a healer, and all good and perfect gifts come from Him. He is the one who gives men talents and wisdom to create new inventions and new medicine. There is nothing wrong with me saying that. Nor is there anything wrong with me saying He can heal instantly, or that He can be a personal God, and I can say my God. No one says He belongs just to me or the church I happen to attend.

I also don't understand what you mean about history and medicine opening my heart.

As far as I am concerned, the doctor we went to, though I like her tremendously, erred in prescribing an antibiotic to my daughter this time. I have read lots of articles about doctors who currently over-prescribe antibiotics just as a precaution. The 4 symptoms she thought were related to strep could have been attributed to other illnesses. Plus, the strep test was actually negative, indicating no strep was present. Lots of doctors currently prescribe antibiotics for viruses, when they have no effect on viruses, just on the possible bacterial infections that might develop in some cases. I think my big mistake was not waiting overnight to see if her symptoms lasted before taking her to the doctor, like we usually do. However, now that she has started the antibiotic, I will make sure she takes it the whole time, as recommended, as it would do more harm to stop in the middle.

Lisa-Anne said...

Hey sweetie pie, I've been missing you! *hugs*
I love you ever so much and I'm praying for you all your dear ones to get well and stay that way. I had a bad bout of flu while I was pregnant, and ended up in the ER getting IV's. Praying for you to stay WELL hydrated and not catch anything else!
I am so excited you're having a boy! Girls are awesome and boys are too... now you'll have the joy of both kinds! :)
Love you!

Franny said...

I did the same thing on my sick days...CHORES! I cleaned out closets and exorcised demons from the house (ok, not really, but it was like waging war nonetheless, and the house put up a good fight)

Enjoy your dough! I can just smell it baking...