Thursday, April 26, 2007

Been a long week, now 35 weeks. 5 weeks to go to reach the official due date.
Looking forward to my baby shower on Saturday and seeing friends and family.
Got baby's afghan finished this week, too...will post pics sometime

Dancer Girl lost her first baby tooth this week, and she was soo soo soo excited. It was on the bottom, and she is so cute with a little gap there.

A couple of my irises did bloom, very pretty light and dark purples
Husband also got the front lawn mowed, and it looks good. I always like how the lawn looks right after we mow it the first time.

Other than that, just taking it easy, finishing up the school year, heading outside every nice day that we have

(the pic is of some irises that I gave my mom, Motherkitty)


Alissa said...

Almost there now! You'll have that baby before you know it!

Isn't the first tooth loss fun? Drew lost his first and second in the same week.

Sandy said...

I bet dancer girl looks really cute with that tooth gone. Every lost tooth at our house was an exciting event.

So glad your iris bloomed after all. The way you described the hostas in your previous post is just how mine looked, but are now beginning to perk up a bit...Well not perking up but getting some new growth that looks great...the mushy stuff is slowly drying up and I hope won't be visible for very much longer.

Not too much longer to go with the baby. Have fun at your shower today.