Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Got Milk?

Baby Boy just had his 1 month checkup. At 5 weeks old he weighed in at 10 lbs 6 oz & is now 21.5 inches long. June just zoomed by. Finally, my parents were able to come visit today & we had a great day! Dancer Girl went to a special ballet workshop in June & they did a rumpus dance, like in Where the Wild Things Are. Actually, I think they are at my house :)


Motherkitty said...

We had such a good time today. Glad we were able to make it to your house. Kiss the lovable kids for both of us. Love you.

The baby boy is getting so big and handsome. What a pleasure!!!

Anonymous said...

My, he's got some big, beautiful eyes!

Kerri said...

He's such a sweet, big-eyed handsome little fellow.
congratulations on your new little boy. Glad to see he's doing well.
I loved the picture you posted on the "Quiet Morning".
Sorry you didn't make it to the family picnic at your mom and dad's. Hopefully everyone will get to see the new baby soon.

Lisa-Anne said...

Oh Ali he's so cute!!!! give him a kiss for me too!

Sandy said...

Baby Boy is getting so big and I love those great big eyes. He's just so preceous and I can't wait to see him next week. He's so beautiful or maybe I should say handsome, but I think he's just beautiful.

Also love the cute pics of the girls and maybe Dancer Girl & Little One can perform for us when we come down.

Love you

Margie said...

Oh what a sweet little man! His eyes are gorgeous.

I loved the pictures of the girls too.