Saturday, June 30, 2007


Well, kind of bummed right now cause we should be at my mom and dad's, showing off baby Talon to my aunt and my cousins, getting ready to hop in the pool....

But Little One had a 102.6 degree fever, so we had to call and cancel. We convinced her to down some Grape Splash Tylenol and now she is feeling a little better, but we had to play it safe, and not pass on whatever her little body is fighting off.

Hope all you guys and girls have a great visit without us. Little One broke down and cried when I finally told her we couldn't go to Grandma's house. She was heartbroken. And if you talk to my mom, Motherkitty, she will tell you that I was crying too, on the phone. I hope no one feels it was a wasted trip because we could not come :(


Anonymous said...

Aww, that's rotten. We've had to do the same, and it's no fun. I hope everyone feels better soon.

Sandy said...

It's never a wasted trip to visit family and we are so sorry that little one was feverish. You did the right thing by keeping her home...we understood. We'll visit again and soon.

Love you

Lisa-Anne said...

*hugs* love you, Ali!!