Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Baby Boy 6 mos

went to dr. for checkup, Baby Boy is strong & healthy , coming in at a whopping 16 lbs, 5 oz. (right about in the middle for those of you who care about percentile charts---I don't)

he is sitting up, though a little wobbly, & I don't leave him alone close to Big Fat Kitty.

The other day we were on my bed, & I had him sitting up. He flopped over on his belly, & rolled, wiggled, & scooched his way to the end of the bed & smiled really big as he grabbed kitty's tail. Don't worry, I was right there to save the kitty & keep Baby from scooching over the edge. He also likes sitting in the walker & throwing toys over the edge :)

Dancer Girl is still wiggling that tooth, it is hanging on by a thread

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Sandy said...

Ah...Baby Boy sounds so sweet and very inquisitive. What child would not scooch themselves over to a cat that's so near.

Tell Dancer Girl to keep wiggling that tooth before it begins to tighten up by the incoming tooth.

I caught a cold at the Boy Scout Christmas Dinner on Monday night but it is fading away this morning...
At least if feels like it today.