Tuesday, January 08, 2008

7 month milestones

  • this pic was taken almost a month ago....

Baby Boy was sitting up like this with his hands right after he turned 5 months. Of course now he can sit up very well. He is very close to crawling right now, too. For a month now, at least, he has been getting where he wants by rolling, scooching, & pushing with his legs. He can now push up all the way on his hands & knees. He surprised me a couple of days ago by pushing himself up to a sitting position from lying on the floor.

Both of the girls sat up at 5.5 mos & started crawling around 8.5 months. My little boy seems to be in quite a hurry.

I have been crocheting a lot lately, thanks to too much coca cola & wakeful nights, ha ha. I don't mind. I made a little baby blue & cream afghan for a friend's baby shower. I forgot to take a pic of it :(. A couple of people surprised me by asking if I would make some for their flea market booth, or if I would make them to sell. I was extra surpised because it was soo plain, mostly double crochet. I made it the size of a receiving blanket & got it done in less than a week, so now I am thinking & wondering if this is something I can or should do. How much should I charge? I mean, with items like that there is no way to even earn minimum wage if you counted the hours.

Mostly I make things to give away & this is the first request like this I have had. So someone buy me a Dr. Pepper & I will happily sit up at night & crochet you a little something.


jellyhead said...

He is SO cute! Makes me want another baby!

I wish you did have a photo of the afghan rug you crocheted.... it must have been lovely.

Motherkitty said...

Tell those kids that WE ARE COMING TO SEE THEM TOMORROW!!!

It's huggy time for this grandma.

Tomas Dennis said...

We had a wonderful time and we love you all. Grandma says that grandpa forgot to bring the remote for that old TV.
Boy are those Papa bowls big! Love them, Motherkitty thanks you. Today I clean the dust out of Motherkitty's computer and replace a worn part.
The cats are running around the house pushing an empty box, playing tag and spilling goodies on the floor.

Sandy said...

Baby boy is so cute and I can't wait to see him.
You're Dr.Pepper is on the way...
just kidding, you don't have to make me anything. Just thought I throw that in.

Love & Kisses