Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gathering No Moss

There have been so many milestones around here lately that I feel like they are zooming past me at 70 mph. There has not seemed to be time in between to pause & celebrate before the next thing happens. Dancer Girl lost her second top tooth last Thursday, January 17. Now she has a big seemingly toothless grin, & she is enjoying every minute of it.

Baby Boy, over 7 mos., has been going nonstop. Though he has not officially crawled yet, he is so close. He can stand up in the playpen :o. I found this out one day while doing laundry. I heard, "Mommy, Mommy, come see! Quick!" So I run & see a wobbly baby, with a huge toothless grin, hanging on for dear life with white knuckled fingertips on the side of the playpen. They stood him up & showed him how to hang on to the side. Since then, he has pulled himself up to standing on the side of the couch. This little boy child is very determined. I tell him not to hurry. He seems to be growing up so fast.

As his Daddy was leaving for work the other day, Baby Boy waved bye bye to him. It was so sweet to see his Daddy's face light up, seeing his baby boy opening and closing those chubby little fingers just for him.


Sandy said...

Every milestone is a precious step not to be missed. I wish we lived closer so that we could also be there to share in the many wonderful happenings at your house.
I hope Dancer girl will pose for a picture with a great big smile, so we can see how cute she looks without her two front teeth. Tell her that aunt Sandy wants to see too.
I'm sure that Baby Boy has found his own unique way of getting around and soon he'll be standing on his own. My kids all walked at 11 months and it sounds like Baby Boy may also be doing the same, if not sooner.
Thanks for the update as I know that you are very busy these days.

jellyhead said...

Hi Alipurr,
I read this when you first posted it, but got called away by a pesky child before I could comment!

It's lovely to hear about Baby Boy's progress....seems he's getting mobile rather fast, hey?! And the first wave for his dada... utterly beautiful.

All the best,