Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Slideshow 2008

well, here is a link to the slideshow. My dad said the original did not work, will try again later.

Happy Easter & Passover, everybody!!!!
we took most of these pics yesterday on a whim, but 6 yr old Dancer girl took all the flower shots of my crocuses and daffodils in February right after the snow we had. Aren't they gorgeous????

edited 30 minutes later....somebody out there remind me not to buy Sav a Lot dry cat food again. Apparently the combination of that and an open cat door makes the cats bring birds in the house. At least I got this poor little robin back outside while he was still alive. And now I know which kitty is culprit. Tiger Girl was caught red-handed, or should I say red-pawed. It is back to good ol' Purina for me.


Tomas Dennis said...

The machine just keeps loading on my computer. The original message I found in my spam.

Tomas Dennis said...

That works rather quickly. I love the photos. Mom just now got up. It is her day off.

Sandy said...

Your links worked just fine and tell Dancer Girl that she took some beautiful flower pictures.
The kids all look great and they are growing like weeds. Thanks for sharing your slideshow and
HAPPY EASTER to all of you too.
Aunt Sandy

ps...At the insistence of my vet I was told to switch back to Meow Mix from the Wal-Mart brand as the store brand is not so nutritious.