Sunday, March 30, 2008


Couldn't get to my camera fast enough for this one....girls had helped me unload the dryer while I was nursing baby, and they left the door open. Big Fat Kitty thought the inside of my dryer was a nice warm place to take a nap. :O

Baby Boy also decided he would surprise me and climb on the dishwasher to help me unload it. Big sister stood by while I ran to get the camera. This guy knew he did something funny. Look at that face!

I just noticed Baby Boy just got a new tooth, too, on the top left. It is his 3rd one, and I think the 4th will not be too far behind.

Only bad thing today/yesterday was that he got some kind of stomach bug or something and was throwing up all night, which means I was up all night. He nursed through it and was not grumpy or whiny. In fact, most of the time, he was calm during the night every time I had to change his clothes or mine. This morning he was smiling and happy in between throwing up, napping, and nursing, so I wasn't really worried about him. I was just in quarantine/wait and see mode. Dancer Girl threw up one time this afternoon, but does not seem to have it nearly as bad as Baby Brother, and that is good. Hopefully, it will miss the rest of us. My laundry room looks like Mt. Everest :O, but that is to be expected.

One last pic to remember the week by:


Motherkitty said...

How cute are all these pictures!!! Hope everybody feels much better soon. said...

I think I woke Motherkitty at 2 am when I was up to take my medicine. I hope she goes back to bed. She has to be at work at 5am.

Jellyhead said...

Lucky he's so cute - you can forgive anything, including being woken all through the night! I hope no-one else succumbed to the bug, and that Baby Boy and Dancer Girl are fighting fit again.

Susan Tidwell said...

Our kids used to sit on the dishwasher, I guess it is just the right height for the little ones, cute pictures! I see from reading your comments that your mom has a job? Good for her! Thanks for visiting my blog, hope all is going well with your family.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Hope all of you are better by the time you get this comment.
The pictures are so cute.

Lisa-Anne said...

Ali, delete this once you get it! :)
alaji@ comcast .net (no spaces, just trying to fool the trolling spam spiders!)
Love you!