Sunday, May 03, 2009

Almost 2

Well, in less than a month my baby boy will be 2. I am sitting here thinking about how fast the years have gone by since each child was born. It is funny how differently your mind perceives things with each child. With my first daughter, we celebrated her independence when she turned 2. With my 3rd baby, well, he's still mostly a baby to us, even though he's almost 2. Don't worry, there's no holding this one back. He is in a hurry to be like his big sisters. We even look at baby girl number 2 (Little One) and still see lots of baby traits, even though she's 5 now (the pic is a Jungle Cake she decorated herself for her party).

Our children bring so much joy to our lives. Being parents is easily the most important job we have ever done. I am so thankful to God for the chance to be a Mommy. I pray that I live up to that beautiful name.

in other news:

  • contemplating a Truck/Car Birthday Party

  • surprised that we are not really behind in finishing our curriculum, despite much sickness this year and the delays due to the ice storm

  • I am finding that you can't hold a child back when they want to learn, but that there is a delicate balance between joyful motivation and the point of frustration.

  • I finally figured out that if your child wants to go take a nap, just let them. There's usually a good reason, and everything else always gets done better when they are well rested.

  • I love love love being outside in the yard in springtime :), so you might see less of me on here.

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Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Tell Little Sister that she did a fantastic job in decorating the cake...I love it!

Children bring such joy into our lives. I would never trade a moment of being a mommy for any amount of money in the world.