Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day Surprise

My sweet husband and babies surprised me last night. He had taken them all to the grocery store to get some "milk" and this is what they came back with (well, and milk and chocolates and a 17 pound bag of fruit loops, ha ha)

I love my sweet babies! This is us assuming our usual position on the couch. Are you feeling the love yet?

Here is Talon working really hard to open my chocolate covered pretzels. I also got a huge Hershey's bar, raisinets, mounds bars, and mint 3 musketeers :). Sorry this is the only pic of the chocolate we managed to get :)

Not sure how my husband can watch the basketball game with all those fingerprints, ha ha

Pink Roses! My favorite. You know they made me cry :)
Thank God for my Family. Happy Mother's Day especially to my Mommy and all the other mommies out there.

3 comments: said...

Happy Mothers Day.

Motherkitty said...

Happy Mother's Day, darling daughter. You know you are loved by all the hugs and kisses you get from everybody -- forget the chocolate, just remember all the loving you get from those three precious bundle of joy and your wonderful husband.

See you guys tomorrow.

Love, Mom

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Such a SWEET SWEET FAMILY that you have. The kids are precious and Long Haired Daddy is a keeper for sure. I love to see dads take their kids out shopping for something to make mommy happy on Mother's Day or to help them make something. Some dads don't do that, so consider yourself one lucky mom.

Talon's hair is getting much lighter or is that just the picture?

I don't have to ask you if you had a Happy Mother's Day....I can see that you did!