Sunday, February 21, 2010

KittenYarn is...

thinking about fathers today. Another friend at church has lost her father-in-law. The anniversary for my father-in-law's death was just a few days ago, on Feb. 17. It has been 2 yrs since my husband's daddy William McKinney has been gone. We really miss him. Another friend wrote about the excitement of a small child waiting for their Daddy to get home from work. I remember standing by the door waiting for my Daddy to get home from work. Sweet childhood memory. I see my children's excitement and love for their Daddy as he comes in from work. It is as it should be.

I think of all the wonderful things my father taught me, though the few words typed here cannot really capture it all. I think of patience for untangling knots and polishing wood with the grain. I think of drawing flowers and cleaning the kitchen floor. I think of the fun and silly things my dad did when I was small. Somewhere my mom has a picture of my dad hula hooping and riding my brother's little bike down the street. I think of the sweetness and joy of watching my daddy teach my children too.

I know it is nowhere near Father's Day, but I am thinking about fathers. Maybe it is because of this habit of mine to always think of my heavenly Father when I get up in the morning. I think about His love, and how His words in Zephaniah say that He is rejoicing over me with singing. I am thinking about how all fathers are different, and how glad I am that my earthly father was chosen just for me by God, perfect for me.

I know that not all earthly fathers are perfect. Who of us is perfect? Not one of us. I thank God that even if our earthly fathers fall short of our expectations, He is creative enough to give us the love and nurture we need, one way or another. I am thinking about those whose fathers are just not there for their kids, who maybe cause them great pain and anguish by hurting them or deserting them or just not being there.

I thank God that we can be there for each other, no matter where our past has brought us from. I firmly believe that all of us can have a bright and loving future. I certainly thank God for my earthly father and my heavenly Father. They are both perfect for me, and I love them.


Motherkitty said...

Your dad loves both you and your brother beyond belief. That love also extends to grandchildren, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. I guess after all these years he still loves me enough to stay with me some more.

We should cherish pictures of hula hoops and little bikes, and dads coming home from work, tired but always with love in their hearts.

Alipurr said...

couldn't agree more, mom

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Lovely post. I can feel the love from here.