Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring is in the Air

The kids and I went out this morning to squish through the yard, and we found many signs of spring. First we saw my tiny yellow and purple crocuses poking through the soil. We found soft green moss, and huge mud puddles. After we came back in, Eliana found an earthworm in her pocket, so I had to take that back outside. While I was making lunch, they all drew pictures in their notebooks of things they had seen/done outside. Tasha's picture showed a T-ball in the middle of my baby plants. Eliana drew a pic of an earthworm on my crocus who had just eaten and a leaf and was "pooping". Talon drew a yellow earthworm too :). While they ate lunch, I googled "how to make an earthworm habitat" as I can see that in our near future :).

Eliana is loving her ladybug habitat, and one of her larvae is already in the pupa stage. Natasha is loving her crystal mining kit, too. The first crystal she found was an amethyst.

I am working on some special requests for Eliana's birthday. She said Green Bunny needs a party dress and some other clothes. My first try at crocheting bunny a shrug and skirt turned out to fit last year's crocheted monkey instead. Monkey looks very festive in her red and aqua outfit. I am working on a mint and pale yellow bolero for Ana, too. Other than that, I have been using up my cotton yarn making potholders. I did make a little white baby sweater, too, recently. I was so excited that it fit my friend's baby perfectly. Just in time for springtime and Easter. Yay!!! Happy Springtime! Now to start some seeds inside with the kids :)

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Motherkitty said...

I was thinking of getting Eliana an ant farm, but I think there are enough of those already. teehee (word verification says "birnme")