Sunday, January 12, 2014

Important Things

2014 is another new year. Things that are important to me for this year....
being a true friend
increasing the number of calm, peaceful days
enjoying my family
avoiding judgmental, critical, and controlling people
overlooking the faults of others
being kind to others and myself
doing more things together as a family
getting the kids together with grandparents and good friends more
reading more good books
enjoying more sunshine and more rain
listening for the laughter of my kids and husband and pay attention to what makes them smile

Other than that, now that it is January, I will look forward to seeing my crocuses pop up and bloom in the next month. In the spring, I love watching the flowers and trees bud and bloom.


Anonymous said...

You have a good head on your shoulders, and those things which are important to you are very good things :))
Love you,
Aunt Sandy

Alipurr said...

awww, thanks, Aunt Sandy! Love you!