Monday, January 20, 2014

Starting the Year Out Right...

We've had a nice weekend off with the kids. Several of us have been sick, and Natasha was hit the worst, missing three days of school. I am so glad today is a holiday and a day off school. We need the extra day to rest and recuperate.

So......sometimes as parents, my husband and I laugh and wonder about the things we find ourselves saying. Yesterday was no exception. I found myself saying...
"Don't run with the cat!"
"Don't hang the cat from the ceiling in a bucket!"
and also
"Why are you tying Barbie to the iron gym?"

Because I know you are very brave, I'll go ahead and illustrate with pictures (because you know I took some).

~back story~
Talon's room used to be the girls' room. At one time, they had a frilly canopy hanging over their bed. There is still an eye hook in the ceiling near Talon's bed. Since his bed is a loft bed, we often find various stuffed animals and toys having grand adventures hanging off the eye hook (as well as the ceiling fan.)
~back story over~

(this picture was taken when kitty, Lady Grey, aka Greyskull, was safely on the ground)

Apparently, kitty somehow jumped in the bucket, and apparently Eliana walked in just as Talon was hanging the kitten-filled bucket from the eye hook in the ceiling. Eliana rescued the bucket (and the kitty) and brought me the story and the bucket (because she is a good story teller)
Sorry, it's not a great picture. The kitty was actually quite happy in the bucket and didn't mind at all hanging from the ceiling.
Same kitty apparently was chewing on a Barbie. Barbie got a bandage glued onto her hand. And then.....she got tied to the iron gym to protect her from the cat.
(yeah....Barbie is still there, tied to the iron gym)
Just wanted to throw this extra picture in there to show the neat toy I found Eliana on ebay, a little Barbie gymnastics set. It has uneven bars and a beam. The little tiny Skipper Barbie Eliana had didn't have a gymnastics leo, so Eliana painted one on with fingernail polish. This is just a glimpse of all the fun Barbies have in my house. Eliana assures me that little Skipper enjoys just hanging around on the uneven bars. 

As you can see, we really know how to start the year off right over here. Hopefully, we are over the worst of all the sickness. I'm kind of still hoping for a snow day or two before winter is over, but I'm just not sure it'll happen this year.

In a couple of weeks, it'll be the 19th anniversary of the day my husband and I met for the first time. Kind of blows your mind thinking about that. I've also calculated the time, and I've been out of school now longer than I was in it (high school and college combined). I guess that means I'm really an adult now. My kids are 12, 9, and 6. 7th grade, 4th grade, and 1st grade.

Anyway, this might end up being a surprising year, considering the start we've had.
What funny things have you ever found yourself saying as a parent??