Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spring is in the Air

Eliana and Talon at an Egg Hunt in the park

Eliana at a Fun Meet at her gym. 1st All Around and 1st in every event. She is the one at the top of the podium
Talon's kitty Grey climbed up and fell asleep on him. What a sweet purry kitty. Talon loves this kitty and kitty loves him :)

Me at work outside sitting in a handmade willow chair getting some sunshine and vitamin D. I'm wearing a shawl I made for myself with Noro Silk Mountain yarn that I got from my brother and sister-in-law

colorful spring dishcloth I made pictured with one of my favorite homemade soaps at Raggle Taggle, the shop my friend has where I work. The soap is called Tranquility and has chamomile and lavender in it

Natasha's art on the wall at school

Eliana's art on the wall at school

another Eliana art piece

I got to go with Natasha on their 7th grade field trip to Brandon Spring in Land Between the Lakes

the kids did some fishing with cane poles

they learned to tie on the fishing line, hook, and bobber, and also put on the worm

Tasha's little bluegill she caught

in one session, they had to build a lean-to survival shelter with just things found in the forest

Tasha and three of her friends building

proud of their work

part of the challenge was to make it big enough for 4 people to fit inside

proud group picture of part of our group just after we accomplished the Beaver March. We hiked 2 miles round trip to see a beaver dam. For some reason my phone in my pocket set the camera settings to sepia, and I didn't realize it for a few pics. :)

after the Beaver March we got to meet a rat snake named Herman. Natasha was holding him in this picture.

one of the sessions was an observation hike, using your 4 senses. It was at this time that I noticed the sepia setting. 

Natasha in color on the observation hike. Funny story about the white floppy hat. 
I went to the store to get myself a hat and couldn't decide on a color so I splurged and bought 2. I never buy things like that for myself much, but justified it because I knew I'd be at the Saturday Market most Saturday mornings this summer. Turns out Natasha tried to steal my pink hat before we left, and I texted Jason and he brought the white hat just before we got on the bus to head out. She wore that hat the whole time. Well...except for the time she wore her daddy's Boston Red Sox hat. I should have gotten a picture of the times she wore both hats at the same time. It was cute.

I remembered to have someone take a picture of both of us together on the last day in our floppy hats. I wanted to have a couple of pictures for her to remember me going with her. Somewhere out there are pictures of her social studies teacher wearing my pink floppy hat and sunglasses posed with Tasha in her white hat. What a fun trip! I was happy to go and proud that I was able to keep up with the kids on those hikes :)

this year some of my purple irises decided they were going to bloom. What a special treat to come home to after the field trip

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