Saturday, July 22, 2006

No Spilled Milk

Well, I never thought I would be one who liked babysitting. Maybe yesterday was a fluke. Everything went so well. No one cried. No one got hurt. By the middle of the afternoon, I had 5 children running around my house. And no walls were colored. No milk was spilled. There was no fighting. The 2 youngest ones were age 2. My Little One and my friend's very quiet, I love to play all by myself all the time little boy. The next ones up were my Dancer Girl (4.96, thank you very much), and her best friend, a little girl who turned 5 last March. The oldest girl is 10 and loves to play with children, hold children, etc. etc. And I guess that explains everything.

When the 10 yr. old's mom asked me to babysit I said no problem. I told her she would be as much help to me as it was to her (my friend got a new job and needed a babysitter on some days til school starts). Long Haired Proud Daddy said, "You seem a lot more relaxed," after the first day of babysitting this girl. It was true. That day, there was also no fighting or crying. I didn't get frustrated with the children one time. (please note that there were also no clothes folded, no dishes washed... I think you get the picture). Since it was her first day here I checked in often to see what everyone was doing, and usually ended up playing with them. You know me, I was the customer who ordered the peanut butter and cheeseburger pizza, and sweet tea with honey, banana split, strawberries, and bananas. :) These girls have great imaginations.

It really helps that this girl will really play What Not to Wear with Dancer Girl(dressing up is one of Dancer Girl's favorite activities). Yes, yes, I let her watch way too much TV, and this is one of her favorite shows, next to Cash in the Attic and Cash Cab and Berenstain Bears and Mr. Rogers. Hey, I just remembered something funny. When Dancer Girl was a toddler(about 2), and I was having my daily TLC fix, namely Trading Spaces or A Baby Story, if she would even see a commercial for Trading Spaces, she would say, "Spaces, spaces! ". She could even sing the theme song. It probably helped that Trading Spaces came on every day when I sat down to nurse her to sleep for her afternoon nap. (I guess you can see why I am having to wean ourselves off the TV....hey, maybe that was why my mom always called it the Boob Tube, never thought of that before---- we are doing really well, by the way---the children even fight to see who gets to turn off the TV).

Oh, wait, I am digressing. The point is that the girls play well together, and this sweet girl can also calm down Little One some of the time and distract her. So far, so good.

So, hey. That is not even what I meant to post about, though at 4 am is it possible to have a coherent thought? Wait, don't answer that.

I meant to ponder all those deep thoughts about why I am not crocheting much (read nothing) right now. Every once in a while, I think about some of my works in progress (WIP's) and think things like, Don't forget what happened the last time you got that out. I think I spent more time detangling the yarn after my girls helped me get it out of the skein than I did crocheting. Mind you, I wasn't mad at them. It was kind of silly, and they had loads of fun. I really do have lots of patience for untangling things (I get this from my dad, and from having really really long hair).

So I have been busy. Busy enjoying my children. When I do crochet, Dancer Girl sits on my lap to help me with a few stitches, which is not very easy because she is left-handed. I decided to tone down my projects and my expectations. When I sew on a button, I have 2 helpers. When I get out the sewing machine for some wild, finish it in a half an hour projects, or to mend Daddy's pants, I let the girls watch and help. It is the least I can do. There is no use trying to "accomplish" lots of things in a stressful way. I might as well let it go, and have fun and not get very much done, but help the girls want to get involved. Of course this means I haven't sewn any cute dresses for the girls like I thought I would (yes, I have bought a couple of I say, maybe I will make that for a friend someday). Maybe this is where Motherkitty comes in . Maybe she will get her sewing machine out when she has to close up her pool (because there would be no use asking her now, ha ha).

Which brings me to today. It is the last day of swimming lessons, & Grandma & Grandpa (aka Motherkitty & Tomas) are coming! Hurray! Oh, wait, Sorry, Motherkitty. Hooray!!!!!! See you when you get here!


Motherkitty said...

What a cute post.

We are in the process at 10:05 a.m. of getting ready to come see you. I know that you are on your way to swim lessons and we will soon be on the road. (Instead of hooray, or hurray, I say hurry -- today.) Yes, we are looking forward to a fun, playful Saturday with you and the girls. See you soon. Love ya.

BTW, I think I called it "boob tube" for another reason, but I liked your explanation also.

Alipurr said...

very funny, mom

manababies said...

Hehe, I think perhaps that IS where Boob Tube came from. When my daughter was an infant, it was Martha Stewart for me since we didn't have cable. Then later in the day it was Jeopardy, 7th Heaven, and Everybody Loves Raymond. I'd say out of the 3, my oldest is the most addicted to tv, and that is probably why :)

That is so wonderful that babysitting went well! I am not too crazy about babysitting, but then I've had some bad luck with having naughty children to care for (naughty, meaning drawing on our basement floor, knocking down wall hangings in the living room, and basically just not listening... ugh). Surely enough to test what little patience I have :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

The boob tube explanation was may be the reason it was named boob tube.

Franny said...

Aww, that is so sweet! I am so happy you had a nice time, even if it was a little hectic.

doubleknot said...

Your baby sitting sounds like mine. No dishes done, no laundry - but on it is so much fun to play with the kids.