Thursday, February 08, 2007

February update

Just wanted to write a quick update for those of you who might check in...

been busy

Dancer Girl has an ear infection, and Little One just got over a runny nose from all last week. We really have missed a lot of story hours at the library, dance and gymnastics classes, and church this year so far. In a way, it has been nice to be home so much. Baby brother is growing and I am happy to say nesting has started in a slow and steady kind of way (I need all the time and help I can get, ha ha). Dancer Girl has to have some dental work done next week. Long Haired Daddy also had an unfortunate dental emergency this week. He was eating a sandwich from a fast food place and had sudden pain, and he said it felt like he bit into a bone. Ugh. Well to make a long story very short, a piece of his tooth chipped off, and the next day his whole tooth just fell apart and fell out. Leaving out the gory details, he had to go to the dentist right away, and now will have to have extensive dental work to fix the problem... in the meantime his gums are sore and he is having lots of trouble eating.

I will be glad when spring life, flowers, sunshine, going outside, hopefully the end of all the winter sicknesses. Thank God I have barely been sick, and also that the girls have recovered quickly each time they had an illness. For Dancer Girl, this is the worst one so far.

On a happy note, Tuesday was the anniversary of the day my husband and I met at the local college campus 12 years ago. I was so distracted dealing with sicky-poo children that I actually forgot this year, and sweet husband remembered. Unfortunately it was the day his tooth broke. He was planning on taking me to the Campus Coffee Shop where we met. How sweet. Now we will have to wait. That is okay, our wedding anniversary (11th) is in March. We can try then.

Also, Little One is getting ready for her 3rd birthday in March, and we are so excited and happy. She has settled on a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party this year, and I happened to find all the party accessories online 50% off. Hurray for good sales!

Well, the girls are begging me to get off here and read them bedtime books. They are pretty tired, busy day. Sweet dreams, all

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Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I can't wait for warm weather & springtime either. Sorry to hear about the girls being sick and about long haired daddy's tooth. Hope all is better today.

The sewing list was just too funny and I think I have been guilty of a few of those things as I have been known to be sewing at 2 a.m.