Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!

Wow. Hard to believe my son is one year old today. No big parties planned, but mom and dad are coming by after lunch. We will watch the little guy schmear(don't know if that is the proper yiddish spelling) his cupcake and icing in his hair, and we will think it is very funny. Of course, he will too.

There is so much to say. It has been a busy year. One finished first grade, and one is four. They are all growing so fast. We will truly miss my husband's dad, who passed away in February. Every milestone that passes is bittersweet.

Baby Boy is now a toddler. He really toddles and wobbles everywhere he wants to go. He still crawls when he wants to get somewhere fast. He likes to sing and dance. So cute. He wants to eat what everyone else has. Always has. Like the others, the baby food I bought several months ago still sits on the pantry shelf. I should have learned by now....

I want to go get him a balloon. Can't wait to see his face. He is sleeping on my lap right now, dreaming happy baby dreams. Even in his sleep he grins that big open mouth smile. I love you, baby boy!


Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

My how time has flown by!
Happy Birthday Baby Boy,
we all love you.

Loved the slide show and I saw a glimpse of Motherkittys smile in baby boys smile.

Jellyhead said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous Baby Boy!! said...

We had a wonderful day. Happy Birthday to you and Baby Boy.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Happy Birthday Alipurr!