Monday, February 02, 2009

Ice Storm Update

All of us in western KY were hit pretty hard by the ice storm last week. At one point I think the radio said at least a half a million people were affected and without power.

Our power is back on now, and we are ok. My mom and dad's power (Motherkitty and Tomas) is still out, and I would appreciate prayers with them. Thankfully, I have been able to communicate with them by phone on most days.

I still know lots of cities and counties without power around here. For some they are still saying it might be weeks before everything is back on. Thank you ahead of time for your prayers.

just found this regional ice storm blog with lots of pics of ice and downed trees, etc. Doesn't really do the reality justice but worth looking at


ranchogil said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of youy. The update is very much appreciated

Cathy said...

I just read your post on you mom's blog. Please tell her I am thinking about them and I hope that soon the power will be back on and that things get back to normal for them. I had to smile when you said they had opened their house to allow others to spend the night. I would have guessed this about your mom even if you hadn't said it.. My DILs family live in KY and they also have been having quite the time.

{{HUGS to MK}}

rdblake2 said...

It is good to know that your Dad and Mom are doing OK. Kentucky's ice storm has been in the news daily. Your parents seem to be making the best of a dangerous situation and helping others, too. I hope your weather warms up soon and power returns to everyone. Please let them know we're thinking of them. Our best wishes to you all.

Susie said...

Thanks for the update on your parent's situation. That sounds so like Motherkitty to share what she has with her neighbors.
They're in my prayers.