Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I Have Been Working On This Week

This cute little sea creature pillow was designed and made by my 7 yr old daughter Eliana. She did all the sewing on the sewing machine and the stuffing. I am so proud of her!!! She did such a good job. (I only did the snaps and some of the hand stitching)

Eliana was not 100% happy with the pillow, but was very happy to sell it to her sister for $1 :) LOL

these were made by Natasha. She did such a good job!! So proud of her

fun kitchen designs I am testing. Another kitty, pawprint dishcloths. Kitchen scrubbies are made from recycled mesh bags that you get potatoes, apples, and popsicles in :)

frog change purse, made to match frog purse I made recently. My design, unbutton eyes to open

fun curvy scarf

pretty lacy design

Sweet Dreams baby afghan

what do you think of these? I was at Fred's Dollar Store and saw these autumn kitchen towels and got them for myself, and then crocheted the tops for is supposed to be a pumpkin and the other one is an apple.

4 comments: said...

Very nice.

Alipurr said...

thanks, dad

Lisa-Anne said...

Beautiful things!! You and your girls are wonderfully talented and creative. :)

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Tell the girls that I am so proud of them. And that Eliana selling her creature to her sister...that's cute!
I loved that lacy baby white afghan. That was really beautiful.