Sunday, February 12, 2006


This one is for my beautiful cousin ( This is a camellia, and this is a flower I don't know much about yet. I am very proud of my cousin. She has been through a lot. She doesn't know it, but I have always looked up to her and thought she was very beautiful. One of the greatest comments I got in high school was that I looked like my cousin! :)

Yesterday was an accidental blogging vacation for me. Life got busy, and I only spent 30 minutes on the computer total, and that includes e-mail and skimming a couple of blogs. It has snowed a little the last couple of days, and the girls are sooo excited. Our two white snow kitties have been inside a lot more....I guess they don't like their white fur cold and wet. Big Fat Kitty stands at the door and meows, "Hey, can't you make it dry and warm out there for me, Mommy???" She goes in and out in a state of indecision, but finally curls up on an afghan and falls asleep.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Sharon will get a kick out of this post...I don't think that she has ever seen a camellia either. We had camellias in California and I told her that they were beautiful flowers and that she had picked a fine name for her blog.

Kitten Yarn...You have made her day.

somershade said...

Alipurr that was so sweet, you made me cry. Thanks you put a big warm spot in my heart, love you