Friday, February 24, 2006

Crusty Morning

The girls have not been feeling I have been busy in Mommy Land. They both woke up with very crusty noses, & I just paused for a minute to post before we commenced Tubby Time, as the girls fondly call it.

Here is a pic of me & my babies earlier this month. It is probably morning because the girls are still in their nightgowns and Sweet Hubby took the picture. He was undoubtedly on his way out the door to work and saw his beautiful family and stopped to take our picture :)

4 comments: said...

Good morning
love grandpa

Motherkitty said...

What a sweet picture of a sweet family. Who loves their mommy? I could just hug you all.

I'm sorry for the crusty noses. I hope everybody is well by next Thursday so we can come to see you then.

Love, Grandma

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Long haired daddy was absolutely right!!!
You truly are a beautiful family and I hope the girls get over their "crusty noses" very quickly.

I'm stealing this picture...It's lovely and of a happy crew and I want to display it.

somershade said...

Loving the pictures, that was sweet of hubby to stop and take it, now thats a good marriage. Love ya.
My baby got her drivers
licences today.